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Facts about Birmingham

• There are 3 universities and over 450 schools in the City.

• Clean Sweep! .... Council street cleaners regularly sweep 1,300 miles of road and empty 4,000 litter bins - helping to make Birmingham officially the UK's cleanest large city.

• Birmingham was the first place in the UK to have a hydrogen fill up point for cars. It was at one point the only hydrogen fill up point in the UK.

• Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe, with under 25’s accounting for nearly 40% of its population.

• Thanks to its innovative 18th century Industrialists building a canal network to aid trading networks, the city has more miles of canals than Venice with 56 kilometres of waterways.

• There are 10,000 manufacturing SMEs in the West Midlands

• With over 8,000 acres of parks and open space, Birmingham is one of the greenest cities in the UK.

• Within Birmingham lies the "village" of Bournville, which was built by the Cadbury family for the chocolate factory's workers.

• Greater Birmingham has the largest regional financial and professional services hub in the UK, employing nearly 220,000 people in over 21,000 companies, and bringing £15 billion into the region

• More than 34,000 people are employed in Birmingham’s digital media sector

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